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755 US Diplomats Must Leave Russia: Putin

Putin shows off naval might; Showcases global ambitions...

ISIS, squeezed out of Iraq and Syria, now 'regrouping' in Libya, analysts say

Islamic State claims responsibility for attack on Iraqi embassy in Kabul

Saudi Arabia says that calls for internationalization of holy sites 'a declaration of war'

Deadly protests as Venezuela poll branded 'sham'

10 Killed in Venezuela Vote Unrest

Colombian Drug Smugglers Caught Using Electrical Submarines



U.S. bombers flew over the Korean peninsula after North Korea's latest missile test

US, Japan vow action against rogue North Korea after latest missile test

Nikki Haley Rejects More U.N. Sessions on North Korea: 'The Time for Talk Is Over'

Pence Trip Carries Message 'America First' Doesn't Mean 'America Alone'

US Condemns Elections in Venezuela – Promises Strong and Swift Action Against Authoritarian Regime

Hah-Hah! Mother of Disabled Son Who Chelsea Clinton and JK Rowling Said Trump Snubbed — Responds on Facebook

Matt Drudge Goes After McCain: “Corruption Has So Many Faces”

30-metre asteroid set to skim past Earth in October will test Nasa's doomsday 'planetary defence system'

Leading US Missile Defense System Guns Down Incoming Missile



California conservatives, tired of state's liberal politics, find friendlier abodes in Texas

Four-Year-Old Among 29 Shot in Gun-Controlled Chicago

What Happens When an Imam Calls for Killing Jews - How the Left covered up Muslim anti-Semitism in California

White and straight students banned from safe space - 'Created for LGBTQIA and/or same-gender-loving people of color'

Man ‘marries’ his laptop, sues for state recognition and a wedding cake

Nine hurt as vehicle plows into Los Angeles crowd in what police describe as accident

Two inmates still at large after Alabama mass jailbreak



Oil near two-month high as producers set to meet again

Boeing expects India to order up to 2,100 aircraft over 20 years

Audi targets 10 billion euros in cost cuts to fund electric-car push: sources

Discovery Communications to acquire Scripps Networks for $14.6B

Charter Communications says 'no interest' in buying Sprint



Liberal Media Bias & Entertainment

Headline at Deceptive NY Times Story Ties Trump(!) to Dems' IT Scandal

FAKE NEWS: CNN’s Zakaria: The U.S. Is ‘Becoming Irrelevant’ Under Trump

Press Pours Resources Into Investigating 9-Year-Old's Letter to Trump

Chicago Tribune Offended by DOJ’s Use of Term ‘Illegal Alien’

CNN Guests Bash Transgender Ban, Favor $50 Million for Sex Changes

ESPN's Hill: Kaepernick's 'Slave Patrol' Tweet Accurate

Chelsea Handler: Trump Is 'Our Brainless Monkey in the White House'

‘The Emoji Movie’ Star Reveals Film Is Draped in Liberal Propaganda


Rangers 3B Beltre joins elite 3,000-hit club

Cubs trade for Tigers' Wilson, Avila, says source

Rockies push for the playoffs, pick up Jonathan Lucroy from Texas

Ravens still debating whether to ink Kaepernick

Daniel Cormier goes to Instagram to congratulate Jon Jones, thank team for support











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